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Glimpses of the Book Launch

14th August 2018: Dr. Pema Yangchen, Minister for Education (CTA), along with the Director and the General Secretary of LTWA releases five books published by the Institution. Director of LTWA during the book launch. Dr. Pema Yangchen, Minister for Education (CTA), Director Ven. Geshe Lhakdor and General Secretary Ngawang Yeshi …

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LTWA’s latest publication

We are glad to inform you that the following books are now available at the LTWA publication sales counter. 1. ཤོ་རྩེད་དང་ཤོ་བཤད། 2. དོན་དམ་པའི་ཆོས་ལུགས་མཛའ་འབྲེལ། 3. དབུས་གཙང་སྡེ་གཟར་དང་འབྲེལ་བའི་དོན་གནད་ཁག་གཅིག་ལ་བསྐྱར་ཞིབ། 4. སུམྦྷ་ཆོས་འབྱུང། 5. An Early History of the Mon Region (India) and its Relationship with Tibet and Bhutan ཤོ་རྩེད་དང་ཤོ་བཤད། དོན་དམ་པའི་ཆོས་ལུགས་མཛའ་འབྲེལ། དབུས་གཙང་སྡེ་གཟར་དང་འབྲེལ་བའི་དོན་གནད་ཁག་གཅིག་ལ་བསྐྱར་ཞིབ། སུམྦྷ་ཆོས་འབྱུང། An Early History …

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Special Buddhist Philosophy Class

Ongoing three days Special Buddhist Philosophy class by Venerable Geshe Lhakdor la on Bodhisattva Garland of Gems.   Ven. Geshe Lhakdor la teaching Bodhisattva Garland of Gems. Students at the teaching. Ven. Geshe Lhakdor la teaching Bodhisattva Garland of Gems.

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Oral History Documentation

A one-month long official trip to Ladakh, documenting life stories of first-generation Tibetans in exile is underway. Documenting the firsthand stories. Documenting their life stories. Documenting these firsthand life stories. Still living in the past. Reminiscing their life.

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27 July 2018: Public Talk

27 July 2018: Prof. Nawang Phuntsog from California State University, USA presented a talk to the general public on the topic “Fostering Compassionate Tibetan Nationalism & the Middle Way Approach (MWA) Success” at the LTWA. Scholars, students and general public passionately listen to the talk given by Prof. Nawang Phuntsog. …

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