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Foreign language Reference Section

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Foreign language Reference Section

The FLRS has a collection of more than 16,834 volumes predominantly dealing with language, philosophy, arts and culture, medicine, geography, travel, history and the politics of Tibet and the Himalayan region. These materials are primarily in English, but include some in major European and Asian. More than 120 journals and periodicals of related interest are currently received and displayed. There is a modest collection of rare and out-of-print books, files of newspaper clippings covering the past 50 years of the Tibetan diaspora, bound collections of periodicals, and files of pamphlets, brochures and other materials concerning the Tibetan community dating back to 1959. Holdings can be accessed through an online cataloguing system. Books are kept in a separate stack room, from where librarians retrieve them on request. The reading room is divided between an area of large open tables and a set of individual study booths. The continuing expansion of the FLRL collection is matched by its growing number of patrons. New acquisitions are received each year from various sources, in addition to outright purchases. Publication exchange programs provide volumes from other publishers and libraries in exchange for books brought out by the LTWA. Books are also donated each year by visiting scholars and by other institutions not formally part of the publication exchange program. Both the libraries maintain manuscript exchange projects with other institutions around the world. In special cases the institutions provide and exchange photocopies of rare and important works which are otherwise unavailable for general circulation or loan.

Chinese Language Book Section

Chinese Language Book Section is a small public library that houses a decent collection of books ranging from Buddhism to Chinese Classics. Regular visitors to the mini-library are Tibetan scholars based in and around Dharamshala doing research work on Tibet-related topics and Chinese speaking foreigners interested in Buddhism and His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s teachings. Readers interested in checking out books are required to register themselves as members of Library of Tibetan Works and Archives (LTWA), but otherwise no registration is required if one intends to read books in the mini-library itself.

Resources (Downloadable)

  • Rare (Jan, 2017)
  • Thesis (Jan, 2017)
  • News clips
  • Books of His Holiness
Rare (Jan, 2017) |

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Thesis (Jan, 2017) |

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Books of His Holiness |

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Officiating Head


Name:  Yeshi Tashi
E-Mail:  librarian(at)tibetanlibrary.org