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Buddhist Philosophy Class

The LTWA offers daily Buddhist philosophy classes to help people appreciate and understand “reality” and help them deal with daily life. The classes are taught by qualified geshes in Buddhist philosophy and have dedicated a major part of their lives to study and practice. English translators are provided. Courses focus either on specific Indian or Tibetan texts or on significant topics of Buddhist philosophy and practice. The texts covered in the classes provide the foundation for a lifetime of meditation practice. Every day fifteen minutes of the class is dedicated to meditation practice, and Buddhist logic and debate are taught every Wednesday in the classes.

Dates and times may change due to scheduled or unscheduled public teachings given by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Such changes will be announced in advance. There will be no classes on Saturday, Sunday, and other official holidays. Occasionally a class may need to be canceled or postponed. Prospective students are therefore requested to call, email, or visit www.tibetanlibrary.org to confirm the schedule before coming to the LTWA. The summer break is from July 13 to 31 and the winter break begins on December 13.

Important changes this year:

  1. All students are requested to attend the opening ceremony in the LTWA Conference Hall at 10 am, on March 4.
  2. Buddhist philosophy students will also receive the LTWA certificate on completion of a Buddhist topic/s or text/s in a semester provided that the students have at least 80% of attendance.
  3. A simple ceremony will be held after the completion of each semester.