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This Department provides vital services to the Publication Departments of the institute, and is also responsible for conducting courses on Buddhist philosophy and Tibetan language and culture. It supports scholarly research in all fields of Tibetan thought and translates rare and important texts into English and Hindi and other related resources into Tibetan for publication. Hands-on Buddhist philosophy and Tibetan language classes were started in 1971 and have grown steadily in scope and attendance ever since. The courses have become important aspects of the LTWA’s efforts to both sustain and extend appreciation and understanding of Buddhism and Tibetan culture. Classical Tibetan and Indian Buddhist texts are selected as the focus of study, to provide first-hand knowledge of Buddhist philosophy, meditation, psychology and ethics. The academic year is of ten months from March to December and full-time intensive courses in Tibetan language and literature are conducted every year. On an average students from more than 30 countries are registered for these courses. There is also an annual three-month Intensive Translation Workshop, where Buddhism, Tibetan language, translation skills and English are refined after students grafuate from other institutions. So far, eleven workshops were held. Since 2015 the department initiated a six-year course on Tibetan studies and added to its regular program.
This department also publishes, The Tibet Journal, a scholarly publication in English which first appeared in 1975 and is highly regarded within Tibetan academic circles throughout the world. It features articles on Tibetan history, art, philosophy, literature and language, and includes books reviews. Articles related to Nepal, Bhutan, Mongolia and the Trans-Himalayan regions, which have geographical and cultural affinities to Tibet, are also published in the journal.

Department Head



Name: Dr. Chok Monlam
E-Mail: choktenzin@gmail.com