LTWA Updates

October, 2018

  • 18 October

    17th Oct 2018: Visit of Scottish Cultural Delegation

    17th Oct 2018: Scottish Cultural Delegation led by its Executive Director Ms. Hilary Reid Evans visited LTWA. They were briefed and guided around the institution by its Director Ven. Geshe Lhakdor la. Ven. Geshe Lhakdor la briefing the delegation about the Institution. At the Museum. At the Manuscript section. Scottish …

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  • 17 October

    Being at Ease teachings by Venerable Geshe Lhakdor(in English)

    Teaching on Being at Ease from Udanavarga compiled by Dharmatrata. Teacher: Ven.Geshe Lhakdor La Language: English Date: 24th-26th  October 2018 Time: 5:00 to 6:30 PM Venue: Dharma Class (LTWA) Registration fee: Rs. 100/- only

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  • 17 October

    Vigilant Introspection teachings by Venerable Geshe Lhakdor(in English)

    Teaching on Vigilant Introspection based on 5th chapter of Shantideva’s Bodhisattva Way of Life. Teacher: LTWA Director, Venerable Geshe Lhakdor la. Medium of Teaching: English language. Venue: Casuarina, Indian Habitat Centre, Lodi Road, Delhi. Date: 21st (Wes) – 25th (Sun) November, 2018 Time: 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm To know …

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  • 17 October

    4 to 6 October 2018: Cosmology and Consciousness VII

    4 to 6 October 2018: LTWA conducts its seventh international conference on “Cosmology and Consciousness – Observation and Reality” at Chintan Bhawan, Gangtok, Sikkim in collaboration with Namgyal Institute of Tibetology (NIT). The event convenes Buddhist scholars and western and Indian scientists in a three-day dialogue exploring Buddhist Science and …

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  • 16 October

    16th Oct 2018: Talk on Meaning of Human Life and Dependent Existence

    16th Oct 2018: LTWA Director, Venerable Geshe Lhakdor la gives talk on meaning of human life and dependent existence to a group of students, at behest of its coordinator, Flowering dharma, a Leh based organisation.

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  • English Book

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Discourses on Bodhicharyavatara

Rs. 449


Rs. 380

Speak Fluent Tibetan

Rs. 449

A Buddhist Perspective on the Faults of Eating Meat

Rs. 193

Tara natha's Commentaries on the Heart Sutra

Rs. 449

Commentary on the Thirty Seven Practices of Bodhisattva

Rs. 149

Festivals of Tibet

Rs. 142.78

The Origin of Tara Tantra

Rs. 172.28

Tibet and the British Raj

Rs. 474.36


Rs. 391


Rs. 390


Rs. 195


Rs. 325


Rs. 390


Rs. 325

སྤྲིན་དཀར་ལམ་རྙིང་། སྟོད་ཆ།

Rs. 391

སྤྲིན་དཀར་ལམ་རྙིང་། བར་ཆ།

Rs. 391

སྤྲིན་དཀར་ལམ་རྙིང་། སྨད་ཆ།

Rs. 391

The Good Heart (Hindi)

Rs. 76.70

करुणा शक्ति

Rs. 230.10

Bauddharma kã paricaya

Rs. 153.40