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Daily Class Schedules


The LTWA offers several levels of courses in Buddhist philosophy with English translations and Tibetan language March through December every year within its vicinity. These courses have benefitted hundreds of scholars, students and general public, mostly international students, since the establishment of the institute in 1970. LTWA looks forward to catering more to the academic needs of the growing number of students.


Prior registration is required before attending any course. Registration is done at the main administrative office.


15 March to 15 December

Note: Please refer to Course Information Brochure 2017, available at LTWA office, for details of text books/topics.

9.00-10.00 AM Basic Tibetan Language Acharya Pema Khando
9.00-10.00 AM Intermediate Tibetan Language Mrs. Nyima Dekyi
9.00-10.15 AM Buddhist Philosophy-I Ven. Geshe Lobsang Tsondu
10.00-11.00 AM Casual Tibetan Language Acharya Ani Norzom
10.30-11.30 AM Basic Tibetan Speaking Mrs. Nyima Dekyi
10.30-11.45 AM Buddhist Philosophy-II Ven. Geshe Gyaltsen Tsering
12:00-01.00 PM Intermediate Tibetan Speaking Mrs. Nyima Dekyi
01:00-02.00 PM Lunch Break
02:00-03.00 PM Higher Intermediate Tibetan Language Acharya Pema Khando